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MessageSujet: Interview - Jeu 26 Jan - 11:31

Un interview de Tim DeKay pour le site dans laquelle il revient sur White Collar, sa guest star dans Chuck, son expérience de réalisateur lors d'un épisode, sur sa relation avec Matt Bomer et sur Carnivale ! Smile

En italique les questions du journaliste, en gras celles de Tim Wink
[Si y en a qui veule, je peux tenter une traduction ce week end ! Dite-le moi Wink]


After the big mid-season premiere on Tuesday, I caught up with Tim DeKay, who plays FBI agent Peter Burke in USA’s hit series, White Collar, for an old-fashioned, one on one interview. Due to logistics and time constraints, studios and actors don’t do many of these anymore, so it’s become almost a lost art. Fortunately Tim DeKay is as eloquent as he is gracious, and TVoTV is thrilled to bring you our one on one interview.

Hi Tim, How’s it going?

Great Darlene, it’s good to talk with you.

Congratulations on the success of the White Collar mid-season premiere this week. How does that feel?

It feels great! I think we had a strong premiere and we had a lot of wonderful response from people, from social media, and from a lot of different groups. It was fun to see the episode. I never get to see them until they air, so it was great to see the result of all the hard work that went into it.

Well it was certainly a great episode. You put on the director’s hat for an episode coming up later this season; do you plan on doing that again? What was the biggest challenge for you, and how does it compare to acting?

I am planning on directing again in season four. I have to say that the biggest challenge was simply being respectful of the clock – meaning trying to shoot the whole day in 12 hrs – and sometimes that doesn’t happen. As an actor you can go on the set, and you have other people telling you to rein something in or to be in a certain place. They come knock on your trailer door, and all you have to do is pretend – that’s an actor.

As a director, you have to be much more aware of locations, time constraints, the sun setting, other schedules that are out of your control, things like that. So it’s much more of a grown-up position…

I see; so does that mean we won’t be seeing Matt (Bomer) do it any time soon?

(laughs) Oh yeah. Well I know he can certainly handle the task if he chooses to do it, but I don’t know… you know he alluded to maybe trying it in season five if we get that far, so who knows?

That would be cool. Do you think that Peter has a good understanding of just what kind of a “bad boy” Neal really is – do you think Peter really knows?

No. I think that’s part of the tension on the show – that Peter continues to want to know exactly how this guy ticks. He certainly knows how Neal ticks better than anyone else, and I think at times Peter knows more about what makes Neal tick than Neal himself. But there are certain areas of Neal’s life that remain unknown territory for Peter.

So is this a great anti-friendship or is this a co-dependency? How do you characterize what these two have?

You know, you are the first person to mention co-dependency. I would not say that’s out of the realm of possibility. Maybe these two are co-dependent. (laughs) And I don’t think they are non-friends, I think these two really love each other, and they enjoy each other’s company very much, and they respect each other in this odd way. But there are facets of each other’s lives that they don’t trust. They are like two guys playing a game of poker. They love playing with each other, they sit down and talk about their lives, they go to bat for each other, but they will never ever reveal the hand that they’re holding. (laughs)

Do you have a “dream scene” – something you’ve always wanted Peter to do that you are hoping to see in coming seasons?

Here’s something that Matt and I have talked about before – our dream episode is where Neal and Peter get stuck in an elevator, and all they have is, I dont know, possibly a board game somehow – the writers are brilliant that way; they can create anything they want- and they are just stuck in the elevator for the entire episode. I think it would give us potential for some great dialogue.

So outside of White Collar, what other cool things have you been up to?

I just finished shooting an episode of Chuck where I got to play an evil, evil, character, and that was wonderful and so much fun. I also just finished an episode of Hot in Cleveland. I know one of the writers, Rachel Sweet, and she asked me to do an episode with my good friend, Doug Savant, and it was a pleasure, because I got to work with Wendie Malick and meet up with Valerie Bertinelli again. And also…meet Betty White…

Wow, that’s everyone’s dream isn’t it?

It is, isn’t it? Yeah, and she was lovely, too. We went back to her dressing room after the taping, and she met my kids and my wife, and it was wonderful.

Now I have to ask, for all of the Carnivale fans out there, what are your thoughts about the possibility of a Carnivale movie?

My thoughts and my feelings, unfortunately, are two different things. My feelings are that I would absolutely LOVE to do a Carnivale movie, and I am absolutely confident that every one who was involved would absolutely LOVE to come back and work on some kind of Carnivale project again. My thought is that it would take some extremely wealthy fan to put up a big pile of money for it to happen. That was the one show where when you were done, after you had wrapped, and the rest of the crew were still working, you would hang around and watch, because it was just so magical.

Any other thoughts on what you want to see for season four of White Collar?

There are some great ideas, Matt Bomer and Jeff Eastin and I went for lunch, and we went through the arc of season four roughly. Jeff pitched it to us, and it’s just fantastic. It’s incredibly exciting, and it continues to find a way to maintain the tension between Peter and Neal while keeping them friends. They’re still able to keep this push/pull between the two of them, and yet they have a great time together, and that’s a testament to Jeff and the other writers.

So there’s still the whole Holmes /Watson side to the relationship…

Yes, there is, isn’t there? That’s great; right, it is a kind of Holmes /Watson relationship – except the second we implicitly trust each other, that’s the second the show falls apart. I don’t think that will ever happen…well, maybe the very last scene of season nine…(laughs)

So you’d like to see White Collar go on for that long?

Oh yeah…I could do this show forever – it’s great fun.

That really comes through on screen as well. The camaraderie, and the fact that you really enjoy what you are doing.

Thanks so much; it’s a pleasure to do.

And it’s been a pleasure talking with you, Tim. We look forward to watching the rest of the season.

Watch White Collar Tuesdays, 10/9c on USA Network.

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Interview -

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